The Subtle Energy System

1. Inner energy  
"The Journey begins with unlocking our inner energy"


  • Inner energy known as kundalini is the power of pure desire within us, a motherly and soothing inner energy which lies dormant at the base of spine in the sacrum bone (The ancient Greeks knew that in the bone resides a sacred energy).
  • The energy is raised through all the Energy Centers, opening, clearing and activating them along the central channel.
  • After the energy has combined in the final Energy Center at the crown of the head, it is released through the fontanelle area of the head.
  • At that time, you can actually "feel the energy within," in the form of a cool, or sometimes warm, breeze, on the palm of your hand and top of your head.
  • Movement of this inner energy is spiral, interestingly, as we know galaxy and DNA movement is spiral.


You can try now Guided Meditation to experience the inner energy yourself with around 4 minutes of simple activity. 

Regular weekly Meditation Classes are also held in both English and Mandarin and are free of charge.


2. Three channels of energy
"If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present."



  • Right Channel
    • Corresponds to the Right Sympathetic Nervous System.
    • Runs along the right side of the body and crosses over to left side of brain on level of forehead.
    • Known as Sun Channel or Yang energy or Pingala Nadi.
    • Gives us the power of our rational mind and physical being.
    • It represents the ability to overcome problems through our efforts and endeavours.


  • Left Channel
    • Corresponds to the Left Sympathetic Nervous System.
    • Runs along the left side of the body and crosses over to right side of brain on level of forehead.
    • Known as Moon Channel or Yin energy or Ida Nadi.
    • Gives us the power of our emotions and desires.
    • It represents the qualities of joy, compassion and pure love.


  • Center Channel
    • Corresponds to the Parasympathetic Nervous System.
    • It is the balance of the two channels.
    • Called as Sushumna Nadi.
    • Gives us the ability to enjoy the present moment and to be in complete balance.
    • It represents our evolutionary power and guides us in higher awareness.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation helps develop the strength of the Central Channel and brings about balance between the right side channel of actions and the left side channel of emotions.


3. Seven energy centres



  • The human body’s vital life forces spines and are concentrated into seven energy centres through the nerves called Chakras or wheels.
  • They correspond to the autonomic nerve plexuses and are closely related to our all organs on a physical level.
  • Each of energy center is a storehouse of energy for gross plexus supplying the physical, mental and emotional demands of the sympathetic nervous system.
  • These centers also contain the qualities of personality such as compassion, wisdom and creativity on a subtle level.
  • Often difficulties in life or diseases can be traced to imbalances or blockages in one or more of energy centers.


Sahaja Yoga Meditation provides simple techniques to cleanse energy centers effortlessly and bring them back to normal. Thus the qualities of these chakras begin manifesting in our daily lives, making us more balanced and integrated.