Stress Management through Meditation, Credit Suisse Bank Singapore – April & June 2013

Sahaja Yoga Meditation conducted free meditation sessions on ‘Stress Management through Meditation’ for Credit Suisse Bank staff in 5 locations in Singapore between April and June 2013. Program was successful with the participants of over 200 staff and many showed interest in attending regular weekly meditation classes.

Session include presentation on traditional meditation concept and usefulness in today’s modern fast pace life, inner subtle system, scientific research results on meditation, video/audio clips, simple guided meditation step and handouts to try out in home. Importantly most of participants acknowledged that they experience mental silence or less thoughts within few minutes and without much effort.

Feedback was collected in some of sessions to help us improve. Received below responses (scale 1-Min to 5-Max) from participants for questions:

1.100 % rated 4 & above and 70% rated 5 that ‘Session was well organized and presented’.

2.100 % rated 4 & above and 77% rated 5 that ‘Session was informative and interesting’.

3.100 % rated 4 & above and 40% rated 5 that ‘I experienced mental silence or less thought’.

4.96 % rated 4 & above and 70% rated 5 that ‘Facilitator did well in answering any questions’.

5.100 % rated 4 & above and 67% rated 5 that ‘I would recommend a friend t attend meditation classes’.



"-     "Generally it is a very informative session, good to organize more”

-       "Relieved from stress for some time, really helps”