Singapore Flyer 2013

The Mind, Body and Spirit Festival was held over a pleasant sunny weekend in May at the iconic Singapore Flyer. Some joyful and energetic practitioners of Sahaja Yoga had set up a stall at the Festival, and were ready to give the experience of Self-realization to visitors of the Flyer.

Guided meditation steps ( )   were played on laptops for visitors to follow along and to experience the state of meditation. As the day progressed, many people starting streaming to the stall and many found themselves feeling peaceful and calm after sitting just for 5-10 minutes of meditation.

Singapore flyer is a major tourist attraction and visitors to the festival were a mixture of locals and tourist from different countries like UK, Kenya, Korea and India. Many tourists who got their realization experience were keen to follow up with classes in their home countries.

On Saturday evening, a musical performance was presented by Sahaja yoga practitioners at the outdoor Greek Theatre The band sang beautiful songs on yoga and meditation (“Jogawa” and “Siyahamba”) from India and Africa accompanied on the harmonium and dholak. The audience was enraptured by the performance and felt much joy and blissfulness. One of the organizers shared that after a long day of tiring work, the musical performance had a relaxing and refreshing effect on him.

On Sunday afternoon, an experienced Sahaja Yoga practitioner conducted a workshop on ‘Stress Management’ in the Bayview Room for over 20 participants. It was very well-received and many had discovered how easy it was to overcome stress in their lives through simple and scientifically proven techniques in Sahaja Yoga Meditation. There were smiles on practitioners faces as many visitors were able to learn and utilize their inner potential to remain peaceful & relaxed.

It was satisfying to see how the visitors and seekers were moved by the sheer joy and inner peace of the meditative experience through three different programs over the weekend.