Stress Management Programme at Shelton College, June 2012

Shelton College International invited Sahajayoga Singapore to conduct stress management session on 12th June 2012. The target audience of the workshop was mainly college students and staff of the college. There were about 50 students and 5 staff participated in this workshop. The students were from countries such as Myanmar, Indonesia, China and Singapore.

The session started with a PowerPoint presentation on stress, impact of stress and how it can affect our life. Then the audience were introduced on how to overcome stress through meditation.  

The next session was on practical aspects of Sahajayoga. The audience were introduced with the initial affirmation of energy centers. They followed the techniques portrayed by the trainers and some of them felt cool vibrations or sensations on their palms and on top of their heads, and experienced mental silence. There was also a Q&A session to further enlighten the doubts of the audience.

The final session of the workshop was on physical exercise. Audiences were guided by a video presentation to do the exercise. Some of them were entertained but some seriously followed the whole process. The exercise was another form of affirmation clearing of energy centers. The results were some even felt cooler vibrations or sensations from their palms and above their heads.

At the end of the session, some showed their interest to learn more about Sahajayoga.