Music Therapy Concert – Meditation & Music, GIIS – April 2010

An Indian Classical music concert for the public, was held at Young Musicians’ Society Arts Centre on Friday evening. Over 100 Singaporeans, including many Chinese came along to the concert, attracted by the beautifully designed poster & brochures. Sitarist Ustad Sharafat Khan, started the evening with a popular evening raga Yaman Kalyan, reflecting a joyful, exuberant mood.  

Following that, meditation instructors gave a short but intriguing presentation on the relationship between music and meditation. The audience was given the experience of Self-realisation and many felt the meditative silence. Felt like meditation increased the music euphoria to a new level. The two vocal ragas, Malkauns and Jog that followed on were a sharp contrast to the earlier performance, reflecting a meditative and almost sombre mood.  

Finally, the concert ended with five familiar, fast-paced musical bhajans by the Perth, Australia group. The audience responded keenly by clapping and singing along, bringing a jubilant climax to the musical evening.



"A great and memorable Night." - Deepak Kumar Singh

"Music therapy was excellent" - Sheela

"More music programme in future are welcomed." - Thilaya

"Thanks you for everyone's time and generosity!" - Eeca Goh