Participation at the Holistic Living Festival, Suntec City - Oct 2011

Sahaja Yoga Mediation took part in the Body Mind Spirit holistic fair in October 2011. Our stall was located at the corner this year and we had ample space to accommodate the many people who came and visited us and also for our own practitioners, several of them bringing their families along.

Our aim was to share the experience of Self Realisation or meditative silence with passerby and people who came especially for this annual event.  

What we did was to raise peoples inner energy from the back and simple guided meditation steps, allowing them to feel moments of peace and self awareness amongst the busyness of Suntec on a weekend. At first it was kind of slow but things really picked up by noon time as the crowd increased. Many were attracted by what we were doing and wanted to try it for themselves. It was wonderful to see the positive reactions and experiences of those who tried. Many people after trying could feel silence, some sensations on their palms and above their heads like a cool feeling or warm for others during just few minutes of meditation.  

It was a good 2 days as many people received their Self Realisation and a joyful experience for all of us as we worked collectively to share this beautiful gift.