Public Talk and Workshop on “The Science of Meditation”, Suntec City Convention Centre – April 2010

Over 220 people attended the full-day free event at Suntec City Convention Centre.   The program commenced with a presentation by guest speaker, Dr. Ramesh Manocha (UNWS) from Australia. Dr. Manocha shared about the clinical research findings of the benefits in Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

The audience was later invited to receive their Self-realisation and to try a short, guided meditation. Other guest speakers from Australia and Malaysia presented on various topics such as the music therapy, the science of chakras, the balancing techniques and the power of natural elements in clearing one’s energy system.

During the break, the people were eagerly surrounding the presenters with their questions on and few of them later gave feedback that answers were really insightful and beneficial. The audience found the workshop very enlightening and enjoyable, and some had incredible experiences during their first-time meditations.



"This is one of the best workshops I attended. During the foot soak clearing session, I got back one of the best feeling in life. "life is so beautiful, the happiness within is so good." One of the best part is they are not business minded. " - Isabelle Chan 

"The amount of time and effort expended is imperative. I appreciate this greatly, with not a single amt collected." - Jeya 

"Thank you very much for sharing this knowledge. It is very insightful and helpful for our daily lives." - Jessica Toh 

The sessions are very good and I will definitely attend the workshops. The time has been well spent." - Iynn lim 

"Very well planned programme." - Dolly Wong