Smart Kids Asia Fair, EXPO - March 2018

Sahaja Yoga Meditation participated in Smart Kids Asia Fair at Singapore expo during 16th-18th March 2018 to create meditation awareness among children and parents. Children of all age groups with as young as 3 year olds flocked the stall with great numbers to experience the unique joy of meditation. Seeing this tremendous joy, the parents and elders could not hold themselves back and they too had their share of this bliss.
Not only it was joy and fun for the kids, but it was so joyfully overwhelming for the facilitators to spend some awesome time with the kids. Many of the parents couldn’t believe seeing their otherwise hyperactive kids sitting quietly in mediation for 10 minutes or more. 
The joy of the kids and parents was doubled when they got to know that not only the meditation experience is free but the kids get to play a rotating wheel game and win a gift too. The Sahaja Yoga Meditation stall was full of people till late in the evenings even after the scheduled closing time of the event. And not just the visitors to the event experienced the unique method of meditation but all the other stall owners and their facilitators made sure that they don’t miss out of this unique opportunity.
Many of the other educational stall owners also sought this opportunity to invite the Sahaja Yoga team for conducting sessions at their premises for kids. Overall more than 300 people of all ages experienced meditation during the 3 days and made it a really successful and satisfying event.
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