Stress Management Program for Lunch Actually Group - June 2017

The corporate environments is well known for its demands on workers. We were approached by “Lunch Actually Group” (An International corporate dating company) in Singapore to deliver a mediation session in their office to determine if Mediation was useful option for them. Our program on 23 Jun'17 involved an afternoon on lecture on stress, Work-life balance and Meditation. These were followed by two consecutive 10 minutes Meditation session designed to teach the participant how to practice meditation of their own.

At the end of the Session, participant were asked three question about how meditation made them feel. Approximately one third of the participants experienced a significant degree of Mental Silence, 80% of the participant experienced a significant improvement in their feelings of ‘Calm and peacefulness’ and 62% of the participant experienced a significant improvement in ‘stress, anxiety and tension’. There was a strong positive correlation between the participants rating of ‘mental silence experience’ and their ‘sense of reduce stress’ and increase since of ‘Calm and peacefulness’. In other words, the meditation was helping them to think less and as their level of unwanted thinking subsided their sense of stress declined and their sense of clam improved dramatically as well.

Practising Sahaja yoga meditation daily for approximately 10-15 minute a day can being a significant positive impact in life weather its Physical, Mental or Emotional.