Stress Management Program for NTUC Income and ROHM Semiconductor – Sep-Nov 2015


Sahaja Yoga Meditation conducted free meditation sessions on ‘Stress Management through Meditation’ for NTUC Income and ROHM Semiconductor in 4 different locations in Singapore between September and November 2015. Program was successful with the participants of over 80 staff in total and many showed interest in attending regular weekly meditation classes.

In ROHM Semiconductor 2 sessions were conducted in Mandarin language for Warehouse office in Changi South Street.

All sessions included presentation on meditation misconceptions, meditation definition and meditation benefits in todays modern fast pace life. Presentation was supported with video on meditation research conducted by doctor’s community and instrumental meditational audio clips. Participants were provided guided meditation steps and handouts to try out in home. Most of participants acknowledged that Sahaja Yoga Meditation is very easy to help experience mental silence even in office environment


1. NTUC Income

a. Date: 04 September 2015 (1 hr)

Location: 1 Martime Square, #10-01, Harbourfront Centre

Participants: 20-25


b. Date: 25 September to 13 November 2015 (1 hr)

Location: 75 Bras Basah RoadNTUC Income Centre


Participants found the 25 September 2015 program very effective and beneficial to overcome stress, and requested for extra sessions. Sahaja Yoga Meditation practitioners conducted 4 weekly sessions on following dates:

- 23 October 2015

- 30 October 2015

- 06 November 2015

- 13 November 2015

Participants: 20-25 for each sessions


Feedback Received:

Feedback was collected after 5 sessions to help us improve. Received below responses (scale 1-Min to 5-Max) from participants for questions:

1.100 % rated 4 & above and 69% rated 5 that ‘Sessions were well organized and presented’.

2.100 % rated 4 & above and 69% rated 5 that ‘Sessions were informative and interesting’.

3.92 % rated 4 & above and 61% rated 5 that ‘I experienced mental silence or less thought’.

4.100 % rated 4 & above and 61% rated 5 that ‘I understand meditation better after sessions’.

5.100 % rated 4 & above and 76% rated 5 that ‘Facilitator did well in answering any questions’.

6.92 % rated 4 & above and 69% rated 5 that ‘I would recommend a friend to attend meditation classes’.


Comments Received:

-       Practise sessions are good as the instructors guide us through the meditation

-       After meditation feel very energetic

-       Group meditation is good for me


Appreciation Letter:

Stress Management through Sahaja Yoga Meditation’ were well thought of. Our members enjoyed the workshops and gave positive feedback. There were no hard-selling of products unlike most free workshops. Some even commented they experienced, how it has benefitted them. Credits to the trainers who were passionate about Sahaja Yoga Meditation and generous in their sharing of knowledge.                                                                                                                                                                              - Representative of Social Committee,  NTUC Income.


2. ROHM Semiconductor


a. Date: 23 September 2015 and 28 September 2015 (1.5 hrs)

Location: UE Square, 

83 Clemenceau Avenue, #05-01,

Singapore 239920

Participants: 25-30 each session


b. Date: 06 October 2015 and 07 October 2015 (1.5 hrs)

Location: 15 Changi South Street 2, 5th Floor, Singapore 486068

Participants: 10-15 each session


Appreciation Email:

Thank you for your valuable time sharing with us for the past 2 sessions. It has been insightful and useful knowledge and awareness for most of the participants on stress management through mediation. 

-       Representative of HR, ROHM Semiconductor