Music, Dance and Meditation Programs – April-July 2015

Sahaja Yoga Meditation conducted music and dance program to create awareness of meditation and provide opportunity for Self-realization and mental silence in 3 different locations across Singapore. Music, dance and meditation have in common to help achieve inner peace and serenity.

1. Feel The Serenity In You – Shri Muneeshwarar Temple, Commonwealth Drive (3 April 2015)

The music, dance and meditation program was held at the wedding hall of Shri Muneeshwarar temple located in Commonwealth drive on 3 April 2015 at 7.30pm. The program was attended by all age groups starting from 5 to 75 years old.

The program started with Indian classical invocation bharatanatyam dance followed by musical songs and instrumental to lead audience into meditative mood and joy. It was followed by talk and video about Sahaja Yoga Meditation and inner subtle system. Audience experienced self-realisation or meditative state of mental silence with the simple steps. The second half of the program continued with the fast-paced musical vocals along with India classical instruments, e.g. harmonium, flute, table and dholak.  Audience participated with clapping and singing along specially the children. The program ended with the Indian classical dance performance, followed by soothing instrumental on the keyboard.

The participants enjoyed the program and some of them felt the coolness on top of their head. This was a great opportunity for participants to know about Sahaja Yoga which is conducted free of cost all across the world including Singapore.

Similar program and performances were conducted in following locations:

2. Musical Path To Inner Peace – The Verge Shopping Mall, Ivory Pearl (31 May 2015)

3. Musical Path To Inner Peace – Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Templem, Ceylon Road (18 July 2015)