Corporate Program for 'Save the Children' (Asia Regional Office) - June 2014

'Save the Children' is the world’s leading independent organization working for children welfare and wellbeing across 120 countries.

'Save the Children' invited us to conduct Stress Management program at their office located at 352 Tanglin Road on 6th June 2014. Among the audience were Finance Managers, Directors, and Regional Analysts across asian countries. Stress Management program was included in their annual workshop.

The program was divided into 3 sessions, starting from 'introduction to meditation', followed by 'practical session' and finally Q&A. After an introduction to the Sahaja Yoga organization and about speakers, we have put up some questions to participants e.g. Why they are stressed? What they do when they are stressed?. Some interesting reasons were shared by the participants e.g. 'If someone takes my pen, I get stressed'. This shows people get stressed for simple reasons.

Participants were also asked about the definition of meditation and almost 50% of them mentioned it as mental calmness or concentrating on a particular object. Overall the participants had different definition on meditation.

A feedback form was given to write about experience before and after meditation. Most of the participants were thinking about work, kids, family, food, sleep etc. Once the practical session was completed 12 out of 18 participants experienced calmness and other felt relaxed and thoughtless.