Corporate & Private Workshops on Well-Being & Stress Management

"These stressful times are the best to get into meditation as a lifestyle if you have been putting it off”

Corporate Program

Program Overview

Modern organisations, schools, workplaces are recognising the importance of health and well-being in relation to employee performance. Employees in demanding jobs may suffer from overly high stress levels and burnouts, ultimately affecting workplace productivity in the long-run. Increasingly, organisations are turning to meditation as a means to manage employee stress and improve their well-being.

Over the years, Sahaja Yoga Meditation, a registered non-profit society in Singapore, has been providing Free stress management workshops to a growing list of organisations in Singapore. From banks, telecom companies, retailers, government sectors, to schools and colleges, many participants have experienced the benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation and learnt how to apply techniques to reduce stress, increase energy levels, improve clarity of mind and develop holistic health.

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To book program email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call us @ 9182 6131 / 9237 4027.

Program Structure

Programs are usually held in meeting rooms within company offices or Online, and conducted during or outside office hours (including lunch breaks). The program duration can be customized from 30 minutes to 1 hour as per organization needs. The techniques are easy to practice and learn, with no special physical exercises, postures or aids.

Program highlight is specially designed and experimented 10 minutes of guided meditation for the workplace. Attendees will learn and understand topics such as:


  • Meditation as a scientifically proven and researched tool for enhancing well-being
  • Inner energy map and system – how it affects us
  • Self-nurture and development of integrated-personality qualities
  • How to Awaken, Balance and Enhance your inner energies through meditation
  • Guided meditation & practice sessions
  • Daily Practice tips
  • Positive benefits & testimonials


Program Benefits

Unlike most meditation methods, Sahaja Yoga Meditation does not resort to mental concentration but invites the self-discovery of a natural and spontaneous process, accessible to every individual under specific conditions. That experience is beyond mental activity, and but through the state of “thoughtless awareness”, provide us with the ability to be in the present, opening up our inherent qualities such as calm, balance, resilience, positivity and creativity. The condition of thoughtless awareness releases these inner energies that are beneficial to our psychosomatic health and well-being.

There are many evidences of benefits such as relaxed breathing, blood pressure normalization, improvement in sleep, better concentration and reduction in mental chatter, thereby increasing the mental health and overall well-being of the individual. Through regular practice, participants become proficient in the techniques and are able to experience long-term, sustained positive effects.

One of very few meditation technique, which has been extensively researched by the doctors and scientists, and benefits are well proven and documented. Refer summary of Scientific Research.


Program Testimony

Similar stress management & Sahaja Yoga meditation programs have been successfully conducted in organizations all around the world, including United Nations. Participants’ experiences and scientific research have attested to the ease of achieving silence and peace within just 10-minutes of meditation. (see interviews & videos below)


Program Facilitators & Support After the Program

Our workshops are run by experienced meditators with over a decade of instructional experience.

Apart from talks & workshops, we also provide regular classes, longer-duration customised programs and follow-up support for interested organizations.


Program Conducted

Stress Management programs conducted in Singapore for Singtel, UBS, NCS, Singapore Police, LTA, Sony Pictures, NTUC Income, Hewlett Packard (HP), GE Capital, Neptune Orient Lines (NOL), Wipro, Infineon, Captive Finance, Citi Bank, Credit Suisse Bank, ST Microelectronics, Aviva Intertrust, CXA, Heineken, Huamin Primary School, NTU, NUS, Shelton College International etc. 

Stress management program for RISQ Group, Sony Pictures & Northern Trust – Apr & May 2019

Stress Management Program For LTA - February 2019

Stress Management Program For M+W Group - Sep 2018

Stress Management Program For Keppel Logistics, Wiley & Paypal - Jul 2018

Stress Management Program for Starbucks and SGH - March 2018

Stress Management Program for Parts Precision in Meditation Center – Feb 2018

Stress management program for DSO, HSBC & Sage – Jan & Feb 2018

Stress management program for Wiley - 15 Sep 2017

Stress Management Program for TUV SUD PSB - July to Sep 2017

Stress Management Program for Lunch Actually Group - June 2017

Stress Management Program for CXA & UBS - Apr-May 2017

Stress management program for Heineken - Oct 2016

Stress management program for Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd and Aviva - May 2016

Stress Management Program for Singapore Police

Stress Management Program for NTUC Income and ROHM Semiconductor – Sep-Nov 2015

Stress Management Program for Singtel, Great Eastern, CXA & GE 

Stress Management program at Credit Suisse Bank Singapore

Stress management program at Shelton College International Singapore

Corporate Program for 'Save the Children' (Asia Regional Office)

Stress Management program at ST Microelectronics Singapore