Music and Meditation Workshop

What to Expect from Classes

What to expect from classes

All Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes and courses are offered free of charge and are conducted by experienced volunteer practitioners.

Attending one of these meetings or courses will allow you to experience the benefits of real meditation, that’s mental silence or ‘Thoughtless Awareness’, a state of no thoughts and peacefulness. You will also learn techniques to be able to continue your meditation at home.

Sessions are meditation based, not 'exercise' yoga. The techniques are easy to learn and practice with verifiable experience. No physical exercises, tricky postures or prerequisite e.g. no mat is required. Chairs are provided to help you sit comfortably.

You will be involved in a mixture of both practical guided meditation sessions and information on subtle system or energy centers. Classes satisfy both the beginners and meditation practitioners.

Hope to see you in the class!!!!

A typical class includes the following: 

  • An introduction to meditation
  • Information on the qualities of energy centers (Chakras) or subtle system 
  • Experience of subtle system on your finger tips and hands 
  • Practical meditation session to balance & clear the subtle system by yourself
  • Techniques to reduce stress levels and help achieve thoughtlessness state effortlessly 
  • Introduction to meditation in home and tips for beginners
  • Informational video talks on Sahaja Yoga meditation
  • Question and Answer session