Participation in Cultural Exhibition Festival and Carnival , EXPO – Jan 2012

Sahaja Yoga Meditation participated in cultural exhibition festival and carnival called ZAK Salaam India in Expo fair for all 4 days. Practitioners were available from morning till the late evening and had an amazing experience of sharing the beautiful gift of peace and wellness through meditation.  

It was amazing because our stall was very near to the Stage and non-stop loud music of bollywood songs and announcements was running continuously throughout the day, still whoever showed the desire and interest to try out meditation, received Self-realization or meditative silence in short period of time. Loud music had no effect even to the first timers during guided meditation. Practitioners also approached passerby with the flyers and most of people were surprised that meditation is freely available specially in a commercial fair. 

It was heartening to see that people from different religious background and countries including locals were not hesitated to try out, and most of them went back with joyful expressions on the face and felt cool subtle energy on the hands. We distributed handouts to practice meditation with simple steps. Few sales persons/owners from the neighbor stalls came to try out the meditation experience attracted by the responses from the visitors to our stall and requested us for the regular classes address.